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Ozmen is a family run large international retailer founded and based in Sheffield, UK. Ozmen started out in 2010 as a small local store in Crookes, built by our founders Altey and Huseyin Ozmen. Who believe in “World in a Trolley”. Through years of hard work and dedication, Ozmen now spans three stores and became a well-known international store to the local community.

At Ozmen, we sell foods from around the world as well as your daily essentials. We have exotic fruits and vegetables you may have never heard of, alongside a range of halal meats and fresh seafood. There’s a diverse selection of sauces, beans, and pulses to enhance your home cooking. Our in-store bakery produces delicious Turkish breads, baklava, and Turkish Delights every day.

Drop by one of our stores or go online, through our website or mobile app, to see what wonderful international foods we have to offer!

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