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References to "we" and "Ozmen" in this Privacy Policy refer to Ozmen Limited.


Company registration number: 07305711
Company VAT number: GB102281466

Address: 55-57 John Street, Sheffield, S2 4QT


The following regulations describe how we collect, use, and protect your personal data:


How to collect information.

1. We use the information you fill in on the website and mobile app

2. If you contact us, we will record your needs or contact information

3. We may send questionnaires to you


How your data is used.

After you register on the website and mobile app, our platform will retain your information to facilitate your use of our platform and to improve the service quality of the Ozmen team.


How to protect your personal information.

Our commitment to you. Ozmen will not actively share or transfer your information to third parties. If the future business requires a third party to obtain your personal information, we will inform you of the relevant matters and express the scope of use of your personal information before the third party obtains it. In addition, Ozmen will conduct a risk assessment and strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations, requiring third parties to protect the legality of information use.


Information retention time.

If you continue to use our platform, your information will be stored for a long time; if your account is not active within six months, we will delete it.




Questions, comments, and requests regarding this Privacy Policy are welcome. Please email the Ozmen Customer Service Team at [email protected]